It’s no more just a product or service that matters, how you reach to your customer, what experience, customer is getting (not just limited to products or services but with the manufacturer or service provider) also play a vital role. To improve bottom-line or top line marketing always helps.

Customers are not just relying on what manufacturer or service providers say, they have access to a large pool of information, thanks to the internet. Thus to keep yourself upbeat companies need very talented & dynamic people who can understand the customer’s need, can help them in this regard & also should be creative to find new means to reach customers.. They have to be tech savvy & digital media pro, because things are becoming virtual (Electronics).

tech_in_hands_396810 Technology-1260x840. CMTs are part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher. Eg; Kimberly-Clark has a “global head of marketing technology,” while SAP has a “business information officer for global marketing,” . The best CMTs set a technology vision for marketing, champions agile & experimenting management system, to come up with the best marketing strategy. Marketing using digital means is not just required, but is inevitable for sustenance.

Why do we need a new “CXO”???????

Since competition has reduced profit margin & to sustain companies have to tap larger masses with minimum cost & with minimum time lapse the best mean is going digital. So the challenge is companies need to market using nontraditional means, thus just traditional knowledge of marketing won’t help, marketers should be comfortable with IT. We have entered in the Era of E-Business, not just E-commerce.

A CMT is primarily responsible for managing the company’s marketing technology strategy and road map—advising on which big bets the company should make in expanding its technology-enabled marketing capabilities and how to prioritize and manage their adoption.

The field is very dynamic & evolving, new trends, new softwares & applications, new means of marketing are the essence of this profile. The Challenge is to integrate IT knowledge with marketing creativity.

Survey conducted by Sapient Nitro has shown top 5 skills required by any CMT are as follows:


Future prospect of CMT is very good & there is dearth of CMTs in industy.

Few Surprising upcoming Marketing related Job profiles:-

  1. Transcultural Anthropologist: – Targeting hybrid audience like “LGBT b-ball fanatics.”
  2. MobileMarketing Jedi:-visionary thinkers who can wield Time, space and cloud data to create contextually relevant mobile campaigns and socially connected experience.
  3. Truth Engineer: News writing will increasingly become the domain of automated software programs.
  4. Gesture Writer:- who will combine the disciplines of kinesthesiology, cognitive science and interaction design to develop Minority Report-style interfaces.
  5. Data Storyteller: – Successful organizations will invest in folks who not only analyze and parse the data but who also present it in forms that attention-starved executives can act upon.
  6. Content Archivist: – The one responsible for storing, indexing and retrieving the vast amount of content that brands produce.
  7. Details Despot: – Who will ensure all the details & minute things which are required by marketer.

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