If you don’t want to be “FRAGILE” then become” AGILE” !!!

If you are lucky enough to attend any CII conference or FICCI or Davos meet, you will certainly hear two buzz words “Sustainability & Agile”.


The world has moved toward uncertainty, things change rapidly. Nobody knows what may come next, so many tools developed to predict future. Companies are struggling hard to achieve “SUSTAINABILITY” & the only strategy which can help them is “AGILITY”

It is different from traditional “waterfall” approach. Where waterfall marketing involves setting long-term goals and careful planning steps towards accomplishing them, agile marketing is characterized by an adaptive, fast-paced, trial and error approach to campaigns.

In an ever-changing marketing world with multiple campaigns and channels to maintain, agile marketing isn’t just a good idea — it’s a necessity.

Epics, User Stories, Sprints,  Scrum, Chickens, Pigs, and Burn down Charts – Agile has a language all its own.

(plz. refer below mentioned links for details)


The purpose of agile marketing is similar to lean, where approach is to take small steps, focus on what is needed, the short duration goal helps to monitor tightly and be flexible to accommodate any change required.

Like collaborative planning in lean, agile marketing have sprint planning session where marketing plan will be prepared. The Plan should be something feasible & not loaded by senior manager.

“Sprint” the main session can be compared with “Gemba” meetings in lean. Team discusses issues faced & solutions to the problem.

Like “Burn Down Chart” in Agile, lean we compare “planned & achieved progress”.

Like QFD in lean we use the concept of user story tool to define what is actually required.

We also know how LEAN has transformed operations management similarly “AGILE MARKETING” has renovated the marketing approach.


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